Dig Hill 80

  What is Dig Hill 80?  Hello from Simon Verdegem. In 2015 I was part of a team of archaeologists that discovered an extraordinarily well preserved trench fortress near the village of Wijtschate in Belgium. Together with Peter Doyle, a leading military historian from the UK and Robin Schäfer an expert of the German army… Continue Reading

2018 is Looking Good! #HistoryisSexy

2018 is looking great! March sees the release of The Impact of Sexuality in History: The British Stripped Bare which takes a peek at the kinks of the British from true stories of the Anglo Saxons, Medieval era, the Tudors, Mary Queen of Scots, down to Victorian prostitution. This collection of essays is in collaboration with Emma… Continue Reading

The Suffrage Postcard Project: A Replica Archive

Originally posted on JHIBlog:
by guest contributor Ana Stevenson At the 2017 Australian Historical Association Conference, in a panel about digital history, Professor Victoria Haskins discussed what she described as a “replica archive.”  Haskins’ research is concerned with Indigenous domestic servants in Australia and the United States – women whose lives, she rightly notes, are…

Lillie Langtry: The Original Bombshell

Before Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow, and the Kardashians there was Lillie Langtry. She literally set the stage for sex symbols and screen sirens. What she wore became fashion, what she said made headlines, and everything she touched became history. Lillie was the first international superstar. Born October 13, 1853 on the Channel Island of Jersey,… Continue Reading