Looking Back: A History of Lipstick

Exile on Peachtree Street

looking-back-lipsCosmetic products have captivated the human race since ancient times.  Yet there has been one item that has never gone out of style, or lost its popularity. No matter how large fashion changes  or extreme swings occurred over the last thousands of years, a few essentials manage to remain in widespread usage. Soap, shampoos, kohl eye liners, nail polishes, and forms of facial make up paints have survived the rise and falls of civilizations. But one stands above the others, often being in vogue with members of both genders, and that most iconic of cosmetic products is lipstick.

There isn’t any exact way to determine who first discovered a need for lipstick, or whether it was in the form of a balm for protection from the sun, or used in religious rituals, or if it was simply used to attract members of the opposite sex. Archaeological digs and the relics…

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