Anita Pallenberg: The Ultimate Badass Rock Chick

Those of us who like fashion and rock with a dash of flair and attitude are saddened to learn of the death of Anita Pallenberg. Even though she will forever be glamourized as the former partner of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, and her assocation with the other members of the band, the ultimate rock goddess was her own creation. Her personal fashion style, beauty and no fucks given swagger remain fresh and timeless.

Anita & Keith, 1969

For the Rolling Stones, Pallenberg was a muse.  She is credited with backup vocals on Sympathy for the Devil, and it’s rumored that the choral background for You Can’t Always Get What You Want was her idea. Keith Richards compared her to a Valkyrie in his 2010 autobiography Life.  There was something enigmatic and mystical about Anita Pallenberg. Combined with her style and looks, her spirited life gives us the embodiment of the badass rock chick. That is her legacy.

It no secret that she battled demons. RIP to the German-Italian actress who leaves behind two children with Keith Richards and five grandchildren, and more than a dozen films which include Performance with Mick Jaggar, and the classic sci-fi movie, Barbarella.

Photo: Trinity Mirror / Mirrorpix / Alamy Stock Photo

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