The Unpopular Regency Act of 1831

British Sovereigns & Royals

89px-George_IV_of_the_United_Kingdom King George IV

By the time King George IV died in 1830 his brother Prince William, Duke of Clarence had been married to Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen for 11 years. Despite the duke fathering a massive illegitimate family with Mrs Dorothy Jordan, Adelaide had suffered terribly with miscarriages and the death of two infant daughters. The couple’s first daughter, Princess Charlotte of Clarence was born prematurely in March 1819 and died shortly afterwards. Another little girl, Princess Elizabeth of Clarence was born in December 1820 with the baby unfortunately only surviving for fours months. Once again the couple were heartbroken and a royal succession crisis, which had been looming since the death of Princess Charlotte of Wales was fast becoming a reality.

King William was aged 66 when he attended his low-key coronation in September 1831 and the next heir to the throne was the King’s 12 year-old niece, Princess Victoria…

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