Dig Hill 80


What is Dig Hill 80? 

Hello from Simon Verdegem. In 2015 I was part of a team of archaeologists that discovered an extraordinarily well preserved trench fortress near the village of Wijtschate in Belgium. Together with Peter Doyle, a leading military historian from the UK and Robin Schäfer an expert of the German army of both world wars, we need your help.


Hundreds of casualties were suffered in the first of weeks of November 1914, most of which have no known grave. They still lie in the fields and gardens in and around Wijtschaete. With your help we might be able to give some of them an identity and a proper burial.


With your support, we plan to excavate the site and expose the battlefield in order to increase our understanding of the trench war, and of the men who fought there – before the site is lost to housing development.

We’re giving you unlimited chances to win and to help us raise our crowdfunding target, even joining Broadcaster and Historian, Dan Snow and the entire Dig Hill 80 Team on the Battlefield and learn about the fascinating history of the site. Food and drink will also be provided and you will have the opportunity to get hands on and experience the thrill of being an archaeologist!

You will also receive:

A mention on the Wall of Fame on our website
Digital photo album
Livestream Updates
Team T-shirt
10 x VIP Tickets to The Event in London with Dan Snow, Al Murray and the Dig Hill 80 team!


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