On The Brink of Disaster


It is a crisp and bright winterโ€™s day and the King and most of the court are outside in the tiltyard enjoying the winter jousting. I would normally be in the stands to watch my husband take part in his favourite pastime, but today I am content to stay behind in my warm and cosy chambers. Although the weather is pleasant for the time of year, I considered, that in my condition I would be more comfortable inside with my ladies.

greenwich_palacegentlemensmagazine1840 Greenwich Palace

My attendants today are Lady Lee, Madge Shelton and Anne Zouche. We occupy ourselves in sewing the layette for my baby, which with Godโ€™s blessing I expect to be born around May or June. Even though I admit I am not the most accomplished embroider, it is impressive to see how my ladies can create wonderful colourful patterns on blankets, covers, caps and the most adorable tinyโ€ฆ

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