An Interview with Sarah Bryson

Via @sarahbryson44 & @MelanieVTaylor. Enjoy!

Melanie V Taylor

I have been interested in Sarah Bryson’s work ever since I met her in September 2016. She has been researching Charles Brandon, Henry VIII’s brother-in-law and Henry’s sister, Mary Tudor for the past ten or so years. This February her book La Reine Blanche: Mary Tudor – her life in letters, was published by Amberley Publishing. This month Sarah has graciously answered some questions that might have also gone through the minds of those who have read this fascinating biography. 

  • Sarah, Why did you become interested in Mary Tudor?

I have been researching the life of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk for about ten years now. When I first started to read about his life and his marriages I immediately became interested in Mary Tudor, Brandon’s third wife. Their marriage was quite scandalous for the times and the more I read about it, the more interested in Mary I…

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