Welcome to History Rocks! I write history and fiction as Hunter S. Jones. Why do I love history? Here’s why. I grew up in southeast Tennessee, climbing rocks, exploring caves and sinkholes. My family has been in the area since it was the Cherokee Nation. One of my ancestors went west on the Trail of Tears, but some of his children stayed in Tennessee. The Cookson Hills in Oklahoma are named for my family, I’m a Cookson by birth so you can understand my love of history. I was born a part of it. But, we’re all born a part of it, aren’t we?.

 That’s what makes history so exciting and compelling. It totally rocks.

These fantastic groups and societies have me honored me with membership: Society of Authors, American Historical Association, Organization of American Historians, Royal Historical Society (UK), Dangerous Women Project (University of Edinburgh), Society of Civil War Historians (US), Southern Historical Association, Society of Authors, Historical Writers Association, English Historical Fiction Authors, Atlanta Writers Club, Atlanta Civil War Roundtable, Tennessee Historical Society, and Rivendell Writers Colony which is associated with The University of the South. I am represented by Past Preservers Casting.

Look for special guest posts and occasional vids. You’ll be surprised at how much the past has shaped what is happening right now.

Find out more about our eight female authors & the essays for Sexuality & Its Impact on History: The British Stripped Bare Coming in 2018!

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